Global Impact Study will release final report soon

The Global Impact Study, a research project led by TASCHA, is excited to announce the upcoming release of the study’s final research report soon! After five years of research design, research implementation, and data interpretation and analysis, we are looking forward to finalizing and sharing the final report.

The final report will highlight the findings about the impact of public access to ICTs, situate the findings in the context of development, and make recommendations for policy makers, funders, public access practitioners, and researchers.

The final report will be posted on the Global Impact Study website. If you’d like to receive the final report via email, please sign up here.

Stay tuned by following the Global Impact Study!

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  3. Jean Fairbairn says:

    Here are some really great stories about public libraries and development to add to the mix
    – See EIFL-Public Library Innovation Programme Impact Studies

    and EIFL Public Library Innovation Award winners –
    Economic Wellbeing
    Health –
    Social Inclusion –

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