Mobile Information Literacy Curriculum

The Mobile Information Literacy Curriculum is a growing collection of training materials designed to build information literacies for the millions of people worldwide coming online every month via a mobile phone. Most information and digital literacy curricula were designed for a PC age, and public and private organizations around the world have used these curricula to help newcomers use computers and the internet effectively and safely. The better curricula address not only skills, but also concepts and attitudes. The central question for this project is: what are the relevant skills, concepts, and attitudes for people using mobiles, not PCs, to access the internet?

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Curriculum Materials

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Curriculum Overview View
Kenya Curriculum – All Modules View Download
Module 1: Intro to the Mobile Internet and Smartphones Download
Module 2: Mobile Security and Information Searching Download
Module 3: Making mobile phones and the mobile internet work for you Download
Module 4: Using library resources on mobile phones Download
Myanmar Curriculum – All Modules View Download Download
Module 1: Introduction to Mobile ICTs View Download Download
Module 2: A Mobile Lens on the Internet View  Download Download
Module 3: Basic Web Searching via Mobile Devices View Download Download
Module 4: Working Online and Using Information via Mobile Devices View Download Download
 Module 5: Putting It All Together View Download Download
 Module 6: Module 5 Project Presentations View Download Download

Use, Adapt, Share

The curriculum materials are offered here with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license, so others are free to use, adapt, and share the materials with attribution. We are also available to help organizations create customized materials based on their particular country or regional contexts and literacy training needs.

If you have questions on the curriculum or would like more information on how we can help, please email us at We also encourage individuals and organizations that use and adapt this curriculum and training to provide us with any feedback, ideas, and adapted materials. There are many ways you can do this: email, leave a comment and upload materials on the main Mobile Information Literacy curriculum webpage.