Research Roadmap for Strengthening the Library Field

The Research Roadmap project will strengthen the library field by gathering and organizing existing data and research about public libraries to provide a central, living collection on a platform that is easy accessible, usable, and sustainable to help inform researchers and practitioners, as well as policy makers and funders.

TASCHA and the iSchool at ICTD 2015

ICTD 2015 is almost here! In Singapore this year, ICTD 2015 will take place May 15-18, 2015. As is usually the case, University of Washington will have a strong presence at the conference this year. Here's how TASCHA and our colleagues at the Information School will be participating:

Myanmar: Temples and towers

Incredible temples range across Myanmar; from the magisterial Shwe Dagon in Yangon to Bagan’s sprawling complexes they show the country’s rich Buddhist art, culture and heritage. The monks often built them high up, as in Mandalay Hill, above. Sitting closer to God and above the everyday,as in …