Brief Analysis on Party Election Manifestos (Burmese)


Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF) has been carrying out political-oriented studies since 2012. In 2013, EMReF published the Fact Book of Political Parties in Myanmar (2010-2012) and studied the views of political parties on country’s development. Since then, EMReF have conducted research related to political parties, elections, and Hluttaws. The primary purpose of this report, Study on Manifestos of Myanmar Election 2015 by Political Parties, is to summarize common and different political views and policies included in the manifestos of the 2015 Myanmar election by political parties. EMReF mainly obtained the data from the Union Election Commission and triangulated the data with political parties. Findings are presented in three main parts: political policies, economic policies, and social policies. As a follow up of this study, EMReF will study the extent to which the elected political parties implement those policies and their obstacles in implementing those policies in the new government term.

While this is not a TASCHA publication, EMReF is one of our partners for the Information Strategies for Societies in Transition project and this report is an output of this project. As such, we are pleased to host this publication.

Recommended Citation

Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF). (2015). Brief Analysis on Party Election Manifestos (Burmese). Yangon, Myanmar: Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF).


Myanmar, Burma, elections, politics, political, Information Strategies for Societies in Transition, political parties, parliament