Communicating the Impact of Free Access to Computers and the Internet in Public Libraries: A Mixed Methods Approach to Developing Outcome Indicators


The U.S. IMPACT studies have two research projects underway that employ a mixed method research design to develop and validate performance indicators related specifically to the outcomes of public access computing (PAC) use in public libraries. Through the use of a nationwide telephone survey (n = 1130), four case studies, and a nationwide Internet survey of PAC users administered through 636 public libraries, this approach will generate generalizable quantitative data on the extent and distribution of the use of public access computing resources, as well as provide rich contextual data that will help understand how people use the computers and Internet connections in public libraries and the impact it has on their lives.

Recommended Citation

Becker, S., Crandall, M.D., & Fisher, K.E. (2009). Communicating the impact of free access to computers and the internet in public libraries: A mixed methods approach to developing outcome indicators. Public Library Quarterly. 28 (2), 109-119.


methodology, public access