Georgia Civil Society 2.0: Phase 2 report


How are Georgian civil society organizations using civic media to engage citizens, spark change, and shift public policy? Georgia Civil Society 2.0 was an action research project that assessed needs and practices, delivered training and resources, and wove networks. The project focused specifically on data visualization, information design, and mapping to advance policy analysis and advocacy. This report summarizes the second phase of this two-part project. TASCHA partnered with Jumpstart Georgia to lead a mentoring team, develop the resource kit, organize a Civic Media Festival, and conduct a training on data visualization for advocacy. Participants received opportunities to advance skills related to planning and executing a data-driven advocacy campaign, as well as facilitating unconferences to share knowledge and innovations, while creating connections between advocates.

Recommended Citation

Prefontaine, C. (2013). Georgia Civil Society 2.0: Phase 2 report. Seattle: Technology & Social Change Group, University of Washington Information School.