Global Impact Study-Using an information ecology approach to identify research areas: Findings from Lithuania


The material presented in this report is related to the experiences and findings of exploratory fieldwork activities carried out in Lithuania for the Global Impact Study of Public Access to Information and Communication Technologies. The main objectives of this exploratory fieldwork are related to collection of background information and data on practices of usage of public access to ICTs on the basis of which research questions could be generated. Also, this activity has objectives of piloting both certain research approach and instrumental aspects of research development. The activity was both descriptive and exploratory. Having in mind the overall objectives of the project the following research questions were formulated for this initial phase:

- What role(s), that public venue ICTs play in the communities of users, can be identified at present? What problems are visible in their operation?
- Are there any obvious differences in the ways of operating and using the public access ICT in different sites (e.g., rural/urban, solitary/one of several, big city/small town, library/internet café, etc.)?
- Who are the main users of the public ICTs? What are their purposes and practices of using public access ICT’s?
- What is the general information usage context, into which the public ICTs use is embedded?

The general approach of the exploratory research emphasize the phenomenological approach towards the measuring social impact of public access to ICT aiming at disclosing the affect to experiences of individuals and communities.

Recommended Citation

Beresnevičiūtė, V., Butkevičienė, E., Macevičiūtė, E., & Sadunišvili, R. (2009). Using an information ecology approach to identify research areas: Findings from Lithuania. Global Impact Study Information Ecology Report Series. Vilnius: S4ID.