Infomediaries: Lessons report from three inception missions


This report provides a review of the Infomediaries study's key variables and articulation of its hypotheses. Having completed Inception Missions to Chile (October 2009), Bangladesh (December 2009) and Lithuania (January 2010), we now have a foundation on which to build this analysis. This “Lessons Report” will be of interest to researchers who are interested in how our methodology has evolved and the data collection tools that we have settled on to work in three different country contexts. The authors of this report are the co-PIs for this study: Balaji Parthasarathy, Andy Gordon, and Ricardo Ramírez, yet the content and analysis was the product of our intense interactions with the three Country Research Teams.

Recommended Citation

Ramirez, R., Gordon, A., and Parthasarathy, B. (2010). Infomediaries: Lessons report from three inception missions. Seattle: Technology & Social Change Group, University of Washington Information School.