Technology Access & Education for Refugee Women– Workshop Notes


On February 20th, 2020 twenty-six representatives from government agencies, public libraries, non-for-profits, resettlement organizations, and UW researchers convened for a half-day workshop at UW Othello Commons to discuss different strategies to improve technology access and education for refugee women in King County. The agenda for the workshop included a presentation and discussion of the main findings emerging from the research, co-design activities centered around four areas where some of the most pressing gaps in technology-related services exist, and a final session to outline a roadmap for future collaborations. This document presents a summary of the main points discussed during the workshop as well as the high level findings from the research.

Recommended Citation

Dahya, N., Garrido, M., Wedlake, S. & Yefimova, K. (2020). Technology access and education for refugee women in King County, Washington. Workshop Notes. Technology & Social Change Group, University of Washington.


technology access, technology education, refugee women, refugee, essential skills