Another immigrant women video

If you’re interested in this topic, check this video out too!

There is something very powerful about the visuals and the voices from the field. This video — created by Microsoft Europe and produced by Eyecone (Belgium) with journalists Gabrielle Hubler and Angus Roxburgh — drew heavily on Maria Garrido, her European research partners, and the TASCHA study itself. The Microsoft Europe Community Affairs team invested in high quality video production. It shows. The video looks great. Some may consider it a bit “promotional,” but it seems successful to me.

Abstract categories, such as “immigrant women,” are clarified by video. It’s powerful to hear the voices of the actual women who participated in the study. This is an important difference between a text-based report and video. Hearing their voices, seeing their faces and snippets from their lives provides rich details that speak to human “consumers” of media in ancient and subtle ways. Understanding is far greater with this sort of media support.  Well done video producers.