Technology and Social Change Group

TASCHA explores the role of digital technologies in building more open, inclusive, and equitable societies.


Youth engaged in a physical escape room game

Misinformation Escape Room

The Misinformation Escape Room project is a gamified approach to building resilience to misinformation. We co-design and study the effects of escape rooms for increasing awareness of misinformation techniques, encouraging reflection on emotional and cognitive biases, and changing people’s attitudes and social media behaviors when engaging with problematic information.

Satellite view of the North pole

Co-Designing Civic Education for the Circumpolar North

Launching collaborative research to produce a model for teaching civic education for the circumpolar North

Map of the eastern United States with public library internet connectivity locations marked

Public Library Internet Connectivity (PLIC)

This project is focused on assembling and analyzing the data related to internet connectivity.

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The Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA) is a center for multidisciplinary research at the UW Information School that explores the complex relationship between digital technologies and society, and develops new models of digital engagement that advance community interests. We have a particular focus on underrepresented and marginalized groups, and fostering individual and community agency.

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