Applications now open for study abroad program in Tahiti!

UW students can now apply to this year’s study abroad program in Tahiti which will run July 21-August 18 2018. TASCHA researcher Christ Rothschild is co-directing the program in collaboration with the UW Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity. The application deadline is January 31 2018.

This course explores key issues around identity and place, cultural diffusion, and notions of community in the context of Tahiti, French Polynesia through understanding different systems of knowledge. Students will engage in an exploration that traces both the historical, geographic, and mythical frameworks that shape the understanding of the key role that the region has played in the Diaspora of Polynesian people across the Pacific.

The course content is interdisciplinary in nature and draws on scholarship from information science, geography, history, and anthropology to help students understand the cultural, social, and economic realities of this island society. Reading materials include authors from Polynesia and other regions of the world to add a comparative and cross-cultural perspectives (such as observing/participating in local festivals and dance competitions; participating in local athletic events; visiting ancient places of worship; and interacting directly with a variety of Tahitian residents) will also broaden students’ understanding of the Polynesian culture and world history. In addition, a Tahitian language component designed to augment the cultural immersion of students into Tahitian life will be a rich pedagogical element that will enhance learning.

For more information and to apply visit the UW Study Abroad webpage.