Available Now: Data for Decision-Making Curriculum

Supporting organizations and communities to more effectively and responsibly use data for decision-making requires a comprehensive approach that provides tools to develop a robust data culture. Creation of this support should be approached in ways that are locally relevant and respect local knowledge and decision-making systems.

That’s why TASCHA’s work in data for decision-making (D4D) strives to effectively and responsibly create tools and programs that allow organizations and diverse communities to more meaningfully engage in decision-making using data.


We, along with the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation, and through support from the Tableau Foundation, created the Data for Decision-Making curriculum to help in building the capabilities of research organizations, government ministries, and civil society organizations to more effectively collect, use, and share data in their organizations and apply it in their decision-making processes. The curriculum aims to increase the awareness and use of quality data for evidence-based decision-making.

The curriculum was developed in response to the results of a needs assessment conducted by Myanmar’s Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation. The assessment, which spanned multiple government ministries and civil society organizations, indicated an overwhelming desire for tools to support the changing organizational data environments across sectors in Myanmar. Although developed to fit the needs of organizations in Myanmar, the curriculum was designed to be adaptable for new content to be added and topic emphasis shifted based upon new target audiences.

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