Collaborative Knowledge Sharing study presents at Singapore conference

This past summer, Michael Best, the Principal Investigator of the Collaborative Knowledge Sharing in-depth study, presented a paper at the 19th annual Asia Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) conference in Singapore. The theme of this year’s conference was “Technology and Culture: Communication Connectors and Dividers.” The paper, written on preliminary findings from Mike’s in-depth study, Connecting in Real Space: How People Share Knowledge and Technologies in Cybercafés, was very well-received and prompted vigorous discussion with conference attendees, earning “best paper of the session” accolades. The full paper can be downloaded here.

In addition to presenting the paper, Mike was also invited to participate in a workshop sponsored by the Wee School of Communication and Information and the Singapore Internet Research Center of Nanyang Technological University, at which he presented on the Collaborative Knowledge Sharing study.

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