DA2I webinar: Meaningful access to information to leave no one behind

On Monday September 25, to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), IFLA will host a webinar about the report Development and Access to Information (DA2I). The report, developed as a partnership with TASCHA and IFLA, explores how access to information contributes to the SDGs. IFLA will also present DA2I supporting materials so you can turn the research into action through advocacy in your country.

The webinar will be presented in three languages and will be available as a recording. TASCHA Principal Research Scientist Maria Garrido will be one of the speakers for the Spanish language version of the webinar.

English language webinar: September 25 at 10 hs  CEST

French language webinar: September 25 at 11 hs CEST

Spanish language webinar: September 25 at 17 hs CEST (featuring Maria Garrido)