Field visit to South Africa

Global Impact Study research lead, Araba Sey, just spent one week in South Africa, to meet with the research team of the Mobile Internet in-depth study. During this visit, Araba had a chance to learn more about the public access ICT landscape in South Africa, participate in research team meetings, and visit public access venues in both urban and non-urban areas of the Western Cape. Public access venues visited include cybercafes, public libraries, and schools.

The research team, led by Marion Walton and Jonathan Donner, is on track to begin fieldwork later this spring. They are currently testing their data collection instruments for interviews, task analyses, and surveys, as well as selecting sites for their fieldwork.

Araba observed that while most public access venue managers had not given much thought to how mobile phone use intersects with public access venue use, they also expressed great interest in the findings of this in-depth study as they plan for the future.

Find more information and follow updates on the Mobile Internet in-depth study here.