First International Advisory Committee Meeting, June 2008

The first International Advisory Committee Meeting for the Global Impact Stud project was held on June 2nd and 3rd, 2008, in New Delhi. The objectives of this meeting included:

  • Inform the International Advisory Committee of the progress of the project, particularly on the status of the research design effort
  • Obtain advice and input on the research design development strategy
  • Gather input on the emerging trends and issues related to public access to ICT and/or impact assessment methodology
  • Gather input on the potential stakeholders’ interest in the project and strategy for outreach and communications to these stakeholders, and
  • Clarify the Committee’s operational mandate and internal working mechanisms.

Based on discussions that emerged during the workshop, the International Advisory Committee provided the following recommendations:

  • Consider three tiers of “success” for the project itself: data, analysis, and policy impact
  • Collect as much data in a uniform way across as many sites as possible (both quantitative and qualitative data)
  • Make all of the data, as well as the data-collection methodology, available to the general public
  • Restrict attention to centers that provide public access to general-purpose computing devices and/or the Internet
  • Brand the project
  • Establish the core research working group as mentor figures to the country teams

Download PDF of the complete meeting minutes and more detail on the recommendations.

Download PDF of Francisco Proenza’s commentary on plans for the first phase of the Global Impact Study (dated May 13, 2008). Francisco is a member of the 5nternational Advisory Committee.