Global Impact Study leads research seminars

Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA) research seminars offer students an opportunity to gain practical research experience with one of the many projects investigating the design, use, and impact of information and communication technologies in communities facing social and economic challenges.

To further engage the University of Washington and Information School communities in mutual sharing of knowledge and learning, the Global Impact Study is leading research seminar sections on a variety of topics. Possible topics include literature reviews, analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, and applying research findings to practice in the library and information sciences field.

This fall, the first section is on the Global Impact Study inventory web application. Global Impact Study team members, Chris Rothschild and Alex Tulinsky, are teaching about issues that need to be considered when developing open-sources tools, particularly ones that are intended to be used in a variety of countries by different audiences. Students are gaining first-hand experience by developing projects that can potentially be implemented as modules to the site.

Beginning in January, the Global Impact Study will also offer a research seminar section on cost-benefit analysis of public access ICT venues.