Global Impact Study presents poster at IFLA

Given the strong connection between the

theme of the 2010 International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) conference — open access to knowledge — and the Global Impact Study’s open research approach, we were pleased to present a poster about our inventory database and web application. The poster — Open data and open tools: The Global Impact Study inventory and web application — authored by Chris Rothschild, Araba Sey, and Alexander Tulinsky, was presented by Chris Coward. The poster highlights the data users can view through the web application, such as location, ownership, internet access fees, and types of public access venues in Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Lithuania, and the Philippines. The poster also explores several delicate issues surrounding open research and open data, including privacy concerns, ethical issues, data validity, and conditions of use. While this tool is primarily intended for researchers, many practitioners at IFLA thought it would be useful for them as well: “I wish this data and database existed for all countries!” But Chris Coward cautioned that the Global Impact Study did not set out to create a comprehensive database, nor should it be used as such. Rather, it is our hope that this tool, in the spirit of open research, will be beneficial and useful to researchers and practitioners alike. For more information about the inventory database and web application you can download a PDF of the poster. For more information about the inventory research activity, browse inventory updates. To register for access and use the application, visit the site at