December 1: Public access technology in Colombia — Emergent findings

TASCHA Talk: Ricardo Gomez & Fernando Baron

December 1, 2010

Building on the results of the Landscape of Public Access Technology in Developing Countries — which examined 25 countries — Ricardo Gomez (Assistant Professor, iSchool) and Fernando Baron (Ph.D. student, iSchool) did an in-depth study in a single country: Colombia. Using a refined research methodology,  they validated trends from the Landscape study (ie., types of users and main uses of public access computing, role of infomediaries, and issues of trust, fees, and education. Gomez and Baron will also explore new topics — ICTs and violence, the relationship between mobile phones and community radio, and users perceptions of impact. They will also present a quick overview of the study, discuss highlights of emerging findings, and explore potential linkages with other TASCHA projects.

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