Building Resistance to Cancer Nutrition Misinformation through an Escape Room Game Intervention

The Center for an Informed Public (CIP) at the University of Washington will be responsible for undertaking the following activities. CIP is a nexus multidisciplinary research on misinformation and translating research into policy, technology design, curriculum development, and public engagement.

CIP will undertake a number of co-design sessions for the two primary components of the escape room — narrative and puzzles. The research team (including Megan Shen of Fred Hutch) will assess the draft designs and share with key stakeholders (nutritionists, oncologists, misinformation experts) for feedback. CIP will then prepare a final prototype for testing with a patient population (see below). Following the pilot test CIP will make revisions to the game and produce the final game for distribution.

CIP will be primarily responsible for the pilot study design, in collaboration with research team member Megan Shen of Fred Hutch. The research team will produce: measures, data collection methods and instruments, sampling strategy, recruitment protocols, data analysis plan, data analysis and interpretation, and findings. CIP will also be responsible for IRB application. Fred Hutch will be primarily responsible for patient recruitment, with support from CIP.

Grant Info


Christopher Coward

Start Date

Jan 1, 2023