Developing a Spanish-language Homosaurus: Using Multi-language Linked Data to Enhance LGBTQ+ Resource Discoverability

The University of Washington iSchool and Northeastern University are requesting a 2-year implementation grant (Goal 3, Objectives 1-3) for a Spanish-language version of the Homosaurus. The Homosaurus is a thesaurus that facilitates access to LGBTQ+ resources. This project is a collaboration with the Arizona Queer Archives, San Francisco Public Library, and UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center. The partners hold LGBTQ+ resources that would benefit from Spanish metadata and represent the range of institutional contexts where the Spanish-language Homosaurus would broaden participation and digital inclusion. This initiative creates a model for developing linked open data and multi-language discovery systems.

Grant Info


K Rawson

Start Date

Jan 1, 2022