Expanding Public Capacity for Community Cellular Networks

Millions remain without affordable Internet access. In response, our initial PIT-UN grant co-developed and deployed a novel Cooperative Cellular Network (CCN) with a local connectivity non-profit, the Tacoma Cooperative Network (TCN). CCN is a federated cellular architecture where multiple private networks collaborate to provide access. This PIT-UN funding allowed us to (1) successfully develop the technology solution, (2) deploy 2 networks in Tacoma and Seattle (one more than proposed), and (3) development and execution of network training class with the Black Brilliance Research Project (BBR), a new partner and agenda. We are also developing an undergraduate class, to be run in Fall 2021, bringing STEM students into the PIT field through experiential learning with community partners. Expansion funding would allow us to build on successes to achieve even greater public impact.

Grant Info


Kurtis Heimerl

Start Date

Jan 1, 2020