Global Impact Study: Outreach and Engagement

This project focuses on taking the results of the recently completed Global Impact Study of Public Access to Information and Communication Technologies and undertaking a series of intensive outreach and engagement activities. These activities will extend the impact of the research to three core audiences: policymakers, particularly in countries with commitments to public access; practitioners in libraries and other public venues, and; researcher in the field of ICTD. Four types of activities will be implemented: (1) produce products such as briefs and infographics that support outreach efforts; (2) advance use of the project’s open data, and capture the project’s experiences with open research; (3) pursue policy engagement opportunities in one or more countries, and; (4) implement one or more activities for practitioners on topics raised by the research.

Grant Info


Christopher Coward


International Development Research Centre



Grant Dates

Sep 1, 2013 – Jun 1, 2014