ICT to support everyday life integration of immigrants or ethnic minority people (IEM)

On April 2011, ConnectIEM was launched with the main purpose of gathering statistically representative and cross-country comparable data on ICT skills, access and usage of the main migration groups living in 8 EU Member States. This study, which represents the first European thorough attempt at exploring the relation between technology and integration processes of migrant population, will also develop evidence-based policy recommendations aimed at improving the contribution of ICT to IEM’s integration in our society.

The main goals of this study is to better understand how immigrant communities in the European Union use information and communication technologies (ICT) — and the effects of this use on their social, economic, and cultural integration-. By ICT we mean all kinds of digital tools and applications, in particular those based on computers: the Internet, the web and social networking sites, mobile phones, smart phones and other mobile devices.

Grant Info


Adela Ros


Institute for Progressive Technology Studies, European Union



Grant Dates

Mar 20, 2011 – Jun 30, 2012