Libraries as Catalysts for Creating More Inclusive Data

The University of Washington Information School (Principal Investigator: Marika Cifor; Co-PI: Maria Garrido; Senior Personnel: Megan Finn and Stacey Wedlake) request $245,620 from the National Leadership Grant for Libraries program for a research in service to practice grant (Category: Strengthening Community Engagement) to investigate ways in which public libraries can become catalysts for creating more inclusive data on the effects of COVID-19 in socially marginalized groups. Our research questions are: How can public libraries engage and support marginalized communities in creating more inclusive data about the effects of COVID-19? And, what are the most effective strategies and tools for public libraries to engage their communities in inclusive data practices that can better inform policy and program decision-making? We seek to answer these questions by developing a national workshop for library staff, piloting community engagement-based inclusive data practices in five libraries, and testing community-driven data collection methods. Over this 1-year project, we will generate a proven curriculum and tools on inclusive data practices for library staff across the country, uncover pressing data gaps, and gather preliminary data on impacts in marginalized communities. This research will inform policy and program development for libraries, community-based organizations, and local governments to develop more equitable crisis responses in the future.

Grant Info


Marika Cifor

Start Date

Jan 1, 2021