LIS Forward: Shaping Future Directions for LIS to Thrive and Grow in iSchools — Outreach and Engagement

LIS Forward asks the urgent question: How can Library & Information Science thrive and grow in Information Schools
and continue to lead the field and future of libraries? The initiative was born out of the recognition that the
evolution of iSchools presents opportunities and challenges for LIS and the value of coordinating future
directions in research and education to take full advantage of the multidisciplinary scope of iSchools. Building
on the foundational work and a forthcoming white paper developed by a coalition representing seven iSchools, this
project will complete an essential second phase of outreach and engagement across information schools and the
library profession. Through increased representation and participation of stakeholder communities, LIS Forward
will chart a pathway for iSchools to strengthen and catalyze research, education, and practice with direct impact
on libraries and librarianship.

Grant Info


Carole Palmer

Start Date

Jan 1, 2022