Microsoft Quiz Website Collaboration Agreement (CIP)

This Quiz Website Collaboration Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and among Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft”); the University of Washington acting through its Center for an Informed Public (“UW”); and Deeptrace B.V. (“Deeptrace”). The parties wish to work together to develop an interactive online quiz to educate voters about malicious synthetic media and to promote development of critical media literacy skills among the general public. This Agreement provides terms for the development of that quiz and related technology, operation of that quiz and technology, and marketing and publication activities associated with it.
UW’s Contributions will include: Develop list of existing synthetic media resources and conduct background research in this specific field to help inform quiz content; Develop/create draft of 10-question (approximate) quiz, including documentation about specifications, quiz framework and language, question matrix and sources, and quiz prototype

Grant Info


Jevin West


Christopher Coward

Start Date

Jan 1, 2020