OVERCOME21: Cooperative Cellular: Hardening Open-source 5G Solutions for Universal Internet Access

“The goal of this proposal is to “close the loop” and develop, harden, and deploy, in partnership with our local partners, the first cooperative and community-focused 5G network in the world. This network will be built on exclusively open-source core network software, will contribute production-level code hardening against inexpensive gNodeBs (5G APs) and handsets, and will embody a real, on-the-ground deployed access network serving paying customers. Similar to our prior work in GSM and LTE, this network will also provide a reproducible blueprint, akin to a network-in-a-box, for building inexpensive, community-oriented 5G access networks the world over.”

Grant Info


Kurtis Heimerl

Start Date

Jan 1, 2020