Research on Library Systems and the Environment for Public Access to ICT in Selected Countries

The Center for Internet Studies (CIS) is pleased to present this proposal to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries initiative (GL) to conduct research on library systems, library-like organizations, and the environment for public access to information and communications technology (ICT) in selected countries. The research is intended to inform the work of the Global Libraries initiative, and will also make an important contribution to global knowledge about this field. The project will start by refining the GL approach to country research, and applying it to up to 25 countries. The first phase will produce an early set of results timed to coincide with GL’s strategy development calendar – March 2008. The second phase will be devoted to in-depth examinations of library and public access environments in the same 25 countries, with the research questions tailored based on the findings of Phase 1 and the interests of GL. Phase 3 is for in-depth comparative analysis and dissemination of results. Throughout all phases CIS will coordinate the work of local research teams, providing management oversight and quality control, and ensuring comparability of results.

Grant Info


Christopher Coward


Karine Nahon

Grant Dates

Jul 1, 2007 – Mar 1, 2009