Research Roadmap for Strengthening the Library Field

This project will create 1) two datasets describing materials and data related to current activities in the library field, one focused on efforts to collect quantitative and qualitative data related to library impact within the community, the second focused on information, data and collateral materials related to exemplary services and programs that may provide insights into effective use of resources to meet community needs, and 2) a prototype of a data sharing platform that will allow researchers and practitioners to find, understand, analyze and integrate commonly available datasets and their associated protocols (both qualitative and quantitative) within the library field, along with a set of model guidelines derived from an analysis of existing instruments, protocols, methods, etc. that will help inform future data collection efforts and bring them into closer alignment so that the results can be shared and integrated more easily.

Grant Info


Michael Crandall


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



Grant Dates

Dec 12, 2014 – Feb 28, 2017