UWAS-N Gaming for the Public

The Information School, College of the Environment, and the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance propose a cross-unit Gaming for the Public studio, a 2-quarter course sequence focused on co-designing digital games around a theme of public concern, engagement with community activists and public policy stakeholders, and dissemination of the games for fostering public awareness and action. For this proposal the theme is environmental justice in the context of a changing climate. Once established, we envision expanding the program into other domains, involving other departments and community organizations.
The objectives of this proposal are to: (1) co-develop and teach a studio course that attracts a diverse group of students, (2) engage environmental justice activists and policymakers in the studio and outreach activities, and (3) build a foundation for expanding the program into other domains.

Grant Info


Jin Ha Lee


Dargan Frierson

Start Date

Jan 1, 2022