Identica: Open microblogging & recipes in 140 characters or less

No secret that I love Identica. Most of the folks I want to follow are on Twitter. But Identica‘s commitment to open standards is hot. So I use it religiously. I’m funny like that. So it’s nice to see that there’s lots of Identica/Laconica uptake in “my” community — the ICTD tribe. (Formerly known as the ICT4D tribe. Subject for another post.) Check out these local microblogging networks in Kenya and Nigeria. See? Identica facilitates appropriation. And all good technology shares this characteristic: People can figure out how to make it work for them. It’s hackable.

Twyka Naijapulse

Groups is another awesome Identica feature. By placing an exclamation mark in front of a word you can make it part of a group. Example: Tonight I discovered !shortrecipes. Recipes in 140 characters or less. Do you need any other reason to love this app?

Oh… and I nearly forgot. Karl made this t-shirt. Made me laugh.

I'm Identica and I'm Open

And think of that naughty Wii vs. PlayStation 3 video. Which, yes, I know is evil 😉