Innovation Spaces, Take Two

OK so here’s my latest attempt to come up with a practical definition of innovation spaces and why they matter for development.

Innovation spaces are environments that foster community, creativity, and production. They provide a physical place to explore, experiment, and engage with new people, ideas, and technologies — promoting economic growth, social cohesion, and democratic development.

Hub, hackerspace, makerspace, fab lab, incubator, telecentre, coworking, library — all afford hands-on opportunities to experience participatory culture, acquire new literacies, and develop local networks and solutions. And all necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

For comparison, this was the first try. If you’re a glutton for punishment you can watch me fight the chaos beast (#workingopen).

Now on to listing characteristics…

Thanks to Hugh McGuire for his support (read: access to amazing brain, and generously taking time away from PressBooks to give feedback), to Stresslimit for providing today’s innovation space, and to Beyond Access for sponsoring this work!

PUBLISHED August 14, 2012
UPDATED August 31, 2012
UPDATED October 3o, 2012