Happy International Women’s Day: Women & ICT

Today, March 8, 2013, is International Women’s Day. Access to technology can empower women and girls of all ages, giving them the access and skills to participate in today’s digital and information society. We’re celebrating this day by showcasing some of the research we’ve done about women and technology, as well as highlighting some of the work our partners and associated organizations have done regarding women and technology.

TASCHA Research

Immigrant Women and e-Skills in Europe

The Immigrant Women & e-Skills in Europe Study investigates how ICT training programs effect the employability and social inclusion of immigrant women in Europe. Strengthening e-skills among immigrant women advances their employability through: education and lifelong learning, social inclusion, and cultural inclusion. More »

Public Access to ICTs: Sculpting the Profile of Users

While many public access (library, telecenter, cybercafe) users are boys and men, that is an incomplete picture. Many women and girls enjoy public access to technology as well, particularly in libraries. More »

Gender and Public Access Computing: An International Perspective

ICT and public access to computers with Internet connectivity in particular, can assist community development efforts and help bridge the so-called digital divide. However, use of ICT may not be the same for women as it is for men. More »

University of Washington iSchool Work

Supporting Information Needs of Women with Breast Cancer

Patients work hard during cancer care to communicate with multiple clinicians, manage insurance, coordinate cancer care services, and monitor their evolving health status. This project, which includes technology tools, aims to help breast cancer patients manage information about their care, get their questions answered, and interact with others who can aid them in their treatment. More »

TASCHA Partner & Associated Work

Beyond Access: Empowering Women and Girls Through ICT at Libraries

Despite the proliferation of access to ICT in developing and transitioning countries, one distinct gap remains: Women and girls are often restricted to traditional roles and do not have equal access to technology nor the capacity to build social capital through the use of ICT. Beyond Access examines the role that libraries play in promoting gender equity, with specific regard for access to ICT. More »

EIFL: Award for empowering women and girls through ICT

EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) is launching a fifth innovation award call – for public and community libraries that empower women and girls through ICT. More »

Telecentre.org: Telecentre Women Digital Literacy Campaign

For women, ICT has proven to be life-changing. It has broken traditions and social prejudices, expanded their roles in society and home, given many a new economic and social freedom that has redefined them as persons of stature and value in their communities. More »