iSchool Research Symposium: Michael Best on “Value Sensitive Design, U.N. Peacekeeping”

Georgia Institute of Technology’s Michael Best will be giving the sixth lecture in the iSchool’s Research Symposium, titled “Value Sensitive Design and U.N. Peacekeeping.” Dr. Best’s research focuses on the intersection of information technologies and international development.

Dr. Best will be welcomed by Chris Coward, TASCHA Director and Principal Research Scientist.

When: Monday, Nov. 5 from 12:30-1:30pm.

Where: Listen to the lecture online via zoom.

Description from the event page:

Value Sensitive Design (VSD) is an established theory and method for designing technology that brings human values to the forefront of the technical design process — providing engineers, designers, and others involved in developing technology with strategies for identifying and incorporating human values into the design and development process. While projects have employed VSD in the development of military weaponry, there is a paucity of research applying VSD to design problems in peacekeeping. In this talk, Dr. Best, an associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, will overview work applying VSD methods to the examination of ICTs among U.N. blue helmet peacekeepers.