Join us for the Change Seminar on Nov 7th with Jen Mankoff

Please join us for the Change Seminar this week on Tuesday 11/7/2017 in CSE 691, the Gates Commons. Note the change in location!

Who: Jen Mankoff (UW CSE)

What: A Multi-stakeholder look at Energy use and Behavior Change

When: Tuesday Nov 7

Where: 12pm in CSE 691 (Gates Commons)

Abstract: This talk will explore a multi-stakeholder perspective on energy use and explore how behavior change technologies can better integrate multiple perspectives. By exploring energy use in low-income communities, we identify barriers to saving energy and money, including landlord/tenant relationships. We build on this with a study of landlords and tenants exploring the power dynamics around energy use. From here we explore behavior change in a deployment within a mixed-income community, and ultimately develop an approach that engages tenants prior to lease signing in order to have the biggest impact on both finances and energy use.

Bio: Jennifer Mankoff is a Professor in Human Computer Interaction at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at UW, a Sloan Fellow, Siebel awardee, and winner of the IBM and Intel Fellowships. Her work tackles the technical challenges necessary for everyday individuals and communities to solve real-world problems. Her focus is on addressing issues in accessibility, health and sustainability using computational approaches to fabrication and data analytics.