The Community Archives Center at Tacoma Public Library: Phase 1 Report

Tacoma city Skyline

July 1, 2022

This report describes the Phase I activities and outcomes of The Community Archives Center for Tacoma, which is a two-year IMLS National Leadership Project (LG-250126-OLS-21) being carried out by the Tacoma Public Library (TPL) with support from the University of Washington (UW). The overall purpose of the project is to bring community members and organizations…

Digital Bridge: Providing digital access to low-income job seekers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Young person wearing a yellow shirt, jeans, boots, a medical face mask and a backpack sitting on exterior concrete steps typing on a laptop

October 13, 2021

The digital divide has long been recognized as a factor contributing to the economic marginalization of low-income communities, particularly Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color (BIPOC communities).1–7 The pandemic transformed the digital divide from a long-simmering issue to an immediate crisis as schools, training programs, and essential services rapidly moved from in-person to virtual…

Public Libraries and Development Across Sub-Saharan Africa: Overcoming a Problem of Perception

April 29, 2021

Public libraries and development organizations share many common goals that make them strong potential partners in the Global South. In spite of these commonalities, libraries are often overlooked as development partners. This is unfortunate because these partnerships could allow librarians to more fully and effectively participate in the development of their communities. This paper explores…