Landscape study: 2009 research outputs

The Lanscape Study finished 2009 with a good collection of papers published, presented, or accepted for presentation in the field of community informatics, ICTD, and information science:

Journal articles, 2009

Gomez, R., Ambikar, R., & Coward, C. (2009). Libraries, telecentres, and cybercafes: An international study of public access information venues. Performance Measurement and Metrics: The International Journal for Library and Information Services, 10(1), 33-48.

Gomez, R., & Camacho, K. (2009). ¿Comunicación para el desarrollo o para el entretenimiento? Anuario Electrónico de Estudios en Comunicación Social “Disertaciones”, 2(1).

Conference presentations, 2009

Camacho, K., & Gomez, R. (2009). Who uses ICT at Public Access Centers? Age, education, gender and income differences in users of public access to ICT in 25 developing countries. Paper presented at the Second Annual SIG GlobDev Workshop, ICIS Conference, Phoenix, Arizona.

Gould, E., & Gomez, R. (2009). New challenges for libraries in the information age: A comparative study of ICT in public libraries in 25 countries. Paper presented at the CCNR Community Informatics Conference 2009: Empowering communities: learning from community informatics practice. Prato, Italy.

Ambikar, R., Coward, C., & Gómez, R. (2009). An Assessment of Venues Providing Public Access to ICT: A Tale of 25 Countries. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Upcoming conferences, 2010

Fawcett, P., Gomez, R., Pike, K., Popova, O., & Walker, J. (2010). Information and Communication Technologies in the Cybercafés of Post-Soviet Space: A Study of Public Access Computing in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Mongolia. Paper presented at the International Conference on Society and Information Technologies: ICSIT 2010 Orlando, Florida. (accepted)

R. Gomez. (2010). Inviting Success: Lessons from Public Access Computing Experiences around the World. iConference, Urbana, IL. (accepted)

E. Gould and R. Gomez. (2010). Community Engagement and Infomediaries: challenges facing libraries, telecentres and cybercafés in developing countries. iConference, Urbana, IL. (accepted)

We look forward to more exciting results of this research project, in addition to new insight gained from an in-depth study in course in Colombia.