Literature review launched

The Technology & Social Change (TASCHA) Group has begun work to create a literature review that discusses the impact of public access to ICT and incorporates references from multiple languages. In addition to drawing on literature TASCHA has used in previous projects, members of the Research Working Group and other members of the Global Impact Study community have provided suggestions for references to include.

TASCHA has also contracted with researchers familiar with ICT literature in Chinese (Guo Liang), English (Susana Finquelievich), Spanish (Susana Finquelievich), and Portuguese (Mariana Balboni). The researchers will provide English summaries of the 20 references in their respective languages that they deem most important for describing the impact of public access to ICT.

References used in the literature review may include journal articles, books, reports, and conference proceedings. References and summaries are being compiled, annotated, and stored in EndNote.

A first draft of the literature review is underway.