Mapping eInclusion actors in the European Union

Commissioned by the EU Joint Research Centre IPTS, Telecentre-Europe and the Technology & Social Change Group  are conducting an online survey that aims to provide a ‘map’ of telecentres, libraries, and other eInclusion actors that operate in the European Union.

The survey is available in 13 languages and is part of the larger research project MIREIA: Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Actors on Digital Literacy, Skills, and Inclusion goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

By gathering and analyzing relevant data from a sample of 2500 questionnaires among the EU27 countries, this study will illustrate the diverse typologies and roles of key eInclusion intermediary organizations and the socio-economic impact of their activities at the European level.

This exercise and its outcomes will help the eInclusion sector to leverage its resources as it will provide vital insights for policy makers to understand the importance of telecentres & other eInclusion actors that are on the forefront of digital inclusion and empowerment.

The survey in the 13 languages can be found here.