Maria Garrido to present DA2I research at UW Change Seminar

Maria Garrido will give a presentation, “The role of Access to Information in Advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” to the UW Change seminar.

Time: Noon-1pm (Lunch provided)

Place: Mary Gates Hall room 206

Dr. Garrido’s talk will present how meaningful access to information is a fundamental requirement that underpins the achievement of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, in order to have a transformative effect in people’s lives there must be an enabling environment in place that guarantees/fosters the rights and capacity of people to use, create, and share information in ways that are meaningful to each individual. The ability of information access to contribute to sustainable  development is influenced by a combination of structural  factors (e.g., policies and physical infrastructure) and human/social factors (e.g., usage, population characteristics, and skills).

Through examining the multiple facets of access – infrastructure, social contexts, capabilities, and policy and law – and exploring how libraries act as equal agents of information access and how access to information contributes to sustainable agriculture, better health, gender equality, and sustainable infrastructure, the report shows that access to information can transform lives. This research examines the state of access to information around the world and how it can advance the United Nations SDGs through the tracking of 17 global indicators examining the multiple facets of access – infrastructure, social contexts, capabilities, and policy framework. The Development and Access to Information project (DA2I) is a joint project between TASCHA and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

TASCHA has been engaging with the broader ICTD community on the UW campus through the new role in a partnered lecture series. The Change seminar, which was initially hosted by the ICTD lab in the UW Computer Science and Engineering department, is transitioning into a cross-campus collaboration, and will be involving faculty and students not only from ICTD lab but also TASCHA, the iSchool, and Global WAch and I-TECH in the UW Department of Global Health. The presence of students and faculty from diverse groups, including TASCHA, across UW’s campus will foster increased collaboration, fruitful discussion, and awareness of related projects and shared interests between groups.