Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation Honored

Our friends at the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF) received the 2018 Gender Empowerment and Innovation Award from Information Society Innovative Fund (ISIF) Asia. ISIF annually recognizes organizations and groups doing impactful work in social and economic development related to internet access and growth.

MBAPF’s project, “Equal Access to Information Society Myanmar,” worked to empower women and close the gender gap in their country. From ISIF Asia’s website:

“This initiative has successfully supported female community leaders (aged between 16-20) through the ‘Tech Age Girls’ program from community libraries that have been playing a key role in digital inclusion and gender equality in Myanmar. The finalists are selected to implement their own community projects ideas to support their communities.”

MBAPF recently partnered with TASCHA on the Data for Democracy project, which aims to build data capabilities of research, government, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) across Myanmar in an effort to enhance information access and usage.

We were also fortunate to work with MBAPF on our original Mobile Information Literacy curriculum project, which is part of the Equal Access project they won the award for. We look forward to opportunities to work with MBAPF in the future. Congratulations, MBAPF!