New TASCHA research projects

It’s finally spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, and we decided to celebrate by highlighting some of our new research at TASCHA. From crunching big data on mobile money and developing new resources based on research findings to travelling around the world and working with new partners in the field, we’ve accomplished quite a bit in 2014 so far! Here’s a snapshot of a few new TASCHA research projects.

Public Internet Access & Use in Vietnam

Partnering with local research teams in Vietnam, TASCHA is investigating the role of library-like institutions, such as cultural post offices, in the provision of public access to ICTs. Using Open Data Kit on tablets to collect venue, user, and non-user survey data, this research will uncover organizational, service, and staff characteristics and analyze how these characteristics influence the sustainability, and other outcomes, of these public access venues. More project information »

Namibia Regional Study & Resource Center Evaluation

Namibia’s government recently launched a new type of public library, Regional Study & Resource Centers (RSRCs). These libraries aim to provide tailored programs, ICTs, and information services that respond to individual community needs. This project is evaluating three of these centers, and the findings and recommendations from this evaluation will help inform current RSRC operations and influence future RSRC implementation. More project information »

Innovation Spaces

Coworking spaces, technology hubs, hackerspaces, makerspaces…call them what you will, but there is no denying the recent explosion of physical places that foster innovation, creativity, and collaboration. TASCHA is exploring these spaces, dubbed “Innovation Spaces,” features these spaces boast, and the conditions that allow these spaces to thrive. More project information »