New toolkit: Design thinking for libraries

TASCHA is always thinking about the future of libraries, as many of our projects either involve libraries in some capacity or will result in contributions to the library field and research on libraries. We also embrace design thinking (also known as human-centered design), so we’re excited to see and share a new toolkit, Design Thinking for Libraries.

Folks at Chicago Public Libraries and Aarhus Public Libraries worked with design thinking experts at IDEO to find out how design thinking methods might best be adapted and applied to a library context. The final result is a comprehensive resource for any library leader or staff member hoping to advance their library and services by using human-centered design methods.

The toolkit provides guidance on design thinking, helping library staff to start coming up with solutions to everyday challenges within the library. Design thinking, or human-centered design, is all about starting with people, including library patrons. The toolkit was created with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries initiative.

Learn more and download the toolkit here:

This post was adapted from an email announcement of the toolkit and content found on the toolkit website.