An evaluation of the library connectivity project through the lens of the digital inclusion model

August 27, 2022

Status=Undetectable: Curating for the Present and Future of AIDS

WLA Presidents—Barbara Tolliver and Randy Hensley

August 25, 2022

Practicing Strategic Metadata Management: Knowing your media and its market potential

Career Alternatives: How to Expand Your Library Skills

Library Services to Native American Populations

Continuing Education for Library Staff: Getting an MLS on the Run

The Spatial Politics of Affect and Emotion in Participatory GIS

April 29, 2021

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Public Libraries and Open Government Data: Partnerships for Progress

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ICT training and employability: Integrated service delivery in United States workforce development networks

This study investigates how community-based organizations that provide basic technology training integrate it with other services and tap a network of service providers to improve employability prospects for lower-wage, lower-skill populations in the United States. Research focused on organizations that provide basic computer training and for whom employability is either a primary or main goal.