Open data and open tools: The Global Impact Study inventory and web application


What is Open Access to Research Data? Is it free and open access to raw data? Access to data collection tools and instruments? Access to data with tools to organize and analyze? These are the types of questions the Global Impact Study is considering as we develop an open approach to our research on the impacts of public access to information and communication technologies (ICT). The approach we have adopted includes developing an open-access web application to enable meaningful sharing of the data in our inventory of public access ICT venues. Users can query, export, and map data on the location and characteristics of venues. In addition, the study is making public all source code used for the web application. This poster illustrates the types of data accessible through the application, query and visualization tools, and sample outputs. The green boxes call out some of the primary open data issues associated with the application’s main features. Based on what the web application allows, to what extent do you think our data platform achieves open access goals and principles?

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  • Conference Poster

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  • 2010

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