Public access to ICT: A review of the literature


This paper aims to review what type of research has been done on public access to ICTs, including issues investigated, methods used, main findings, and gaps in the literature. This document summarizes our preliminary findings. This review is based on approximately 80 journal articles and reports on public access to ICTs. It focuses mainly on electronically accessible research articles and on research published after 1999. The documents were derived from database searches as well as directly from members of the Global Impact Study community. Not included in this review are documents which only describe particular projects, or only discuss public access typologies, definitions, or policy, or which critically comment on public access strategies. Also excluded are documents that discuss the socioeconomic impact of ICTs in general. The initial phase of our research included a language-based inquiry in order to reveal novel and under-appreciated research that represents the perspectives of people living in the environments we aim to study. The languages included in this review were English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese. We asked reviewers to focus their attention on identifying the most important references in their language, providing thorough summaries with full citations. Findings from these foreign language reviews are intertwined with other references.

Recommended Citation

Sey, Araba. (2008). Public access to ICTs: A review of the literature. Seattle: Technology & Social Change Group, University of Washington Information School.