April 21: Information society statistics and analysis

TASCHA Talk: George Sciadas

April 21,  2011

This presentation will be a guided tour in the area of information society statistics and analysis.  George will describe, synoptically, the evolution of quantitative research in ICTs from the early days and the preoccupation with access through major milestones such as the digital divide, e-commerce and the ICT sector, to its present state of affairs internationally. This domain provides the common ground for multi-disciplinary research including the quest for “impacts.”  The presentation will also link to TASCHA’s Global Impact Study. The exposition will rely on George’s own involvement and experiences.  Stops for close-ups will be offered on request.

About George

George Sciadas, Statistics Canada, is interested in all matters related to the Information Society. He collaborates with United Nations bodies, development agencies, national statistical offices, NGOs, and numerous researchers globally. George plays a leading role in the Global Impact Study as a member of the Research Working Group and chair of the Survey team. George holds a Ph.D. in Economics from McGill University.

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