Survey data analysis begins

Over the past few months, the survey analysis working group of the Global Impact Study has been planning for and implementing the user and venue survey data analysis. This working group, comprised of Mike CrandallChris Rothschild, George Sciadas, and Araba Sey, is working with the University of Washington’s Center for Statistical Consulting in the data analysis phase of the study. The Center for Statistical Consulting is helping to run the data, as well as advising the working group on options for statistical analyses.

We plan for three main phases of analysis. The first phase was recently completed and culminated in a preliminary summary of the user survey data from Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile and the Philippines, which was used as the basis for the survey data analysis workshop held on April 18-19.  The second phase of analysis aims to produce three basic descriptive reports on the profile of public access ICT users, services provided and usage of public access ICT venues, and perceived impacts of using public access ICTs. The third phase will comprise more complex analyses as well as blending of data from the user, venue and non-user surveys.